preparing 589 students to learn about ML heroes

today i worked all morning to prepare how to present the bantayog ng mga bayani stories for the visit of 598 elementary and high school students. it’s part of the golden seeds project ed and i are blogging about. the bantayog museum and park has been attracting visitors since we open it in august 2007. yesterday, i attended the preparations with the museum committee of bobbie malay for the friday visit, nov. 9 of 598 students from cavite and tagaytay..

i reviewed all the fotos that the museum committee has started collecting and i felt there were memories that will appeal to an older audience but not to the present crop. also i think their teachers may have been born after martial law. so i went googling web fotos but found them unsorted and went to specific sites. there i saw various websites that inspire activists and revolutionaries but still could not find websites that teach and inspire children to become good citizens. ohh, my eyes hurt from the scanning and so i stopped and turned to blogging. maybe my subconscious will lead me to a story or to a page that brings out the child in me.

now this stream of consciousness blogging is waking up the child in me . please let me be a child (i keep telling my amygdala) and send me a story. i want success – simple, unexpected,concrete, credible, emotional stories.

then i remember three children i took care of during martial law. the first was a girl who loved noodles. she was pretty as her mother and would ask for pancit when things got difficult. i was tasked to protect her mother from arrest and she brought her daughter to my house. i didnt know who she was and didnt ask. i took them to a house but after several days, there was an alarm to evacuate them. it seemed she had been spotted and the house would be raided soon. i have to bring them to a place outside of the city and there the child asked for pancit. apparently, the child’s way of coping with danger was to eat pancit and so i gave her the pancit i like (sotanghon, vermicelli,soybean noodles) plus ice cream. then her mother asked me to take her daughter back to the city because she realized that they both were in danger if they stayed together. but the child cried so hard and didnt want to part with her mother. so i left them with my aunt and returned to the city. after a week, someone fetched them and i never saw them again. after i was detained and released in 1973, i found out that she was the lover of the most important leader of the underground and the girl was their only lovechild. i saw this child in early 1990’s and she was already a journalist. she did not remember me. i told her that i fed her pancit and ice cream and she thanked me.

the other two children were the son and daughter of gani and evelyn serrano. our life together were a riot. after being overseas as exiles in europe, ed and i went back to the philippines and met evelyn and gani. we were given assignments to develop protest networks and conduct education work. since it was still martial law, we decided to live in a quiet and lovely subdivision. i went back to teaching in an exclusive girls’ college and gani used to drive me to school. evelyn brought the two kids to live with us but they couldnt find the right nursery school to enroll them so we kept them at home to play by themselves. during the first week, the son, carlo, would see us meeting with other adults and gani did not have time for him. so he went up to stand on our table, opened his fly and pissed. that was the first time gani lost his cool. there were many more incidents and the children were sent back to their relatives. i really felt bad about them. i saw them after ten years. they became our neighbors in diliman and i saw them grow into better adults. now they have families and travel overseas regularly with gani’s mileage. i feel good that they survived and became stronger as adults.

am still halfway to the stories and will work out the slideshow with ed tonite. those who wish to help us, please comment and make this story blossom. i want to inspire the children from the two schools. it’s a golden opportunity and the ground is ready for golden seeds. have a good day blogging with us.

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