Do great deeds while you can

Do a great deed while it is small. Make five deeds.

Yesterday Ed and I wrote all the ideas and methods that we found useful in our portfolio life. We decided we would write them up with stories and fotos and give them to family and friends as our Christmas gift. Most of our family members have not taken up blogging and so we will write our advent blogs and frame them for the coming December celebratory month. We are blogging these stories to ask you all for comments. Enjoy.

Today I uploaded several fotos in our multiply website ( which made me smile. My fotos express a certain happy quality. These fotos and the act of uploading them in the web describes the Rule of Five from Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup.

According to Jack Canfield’s mentor Ron Scholastico, “if you would go everyday to a very large tree and take five swings at it with a very sharp ax, eventually, no matter how large the tree, it would have to come down. With this advice, Jack developed the Rule of 5, doing five specific things that will move goals to completion.

I use this rule of five as part of my lifelong learning portfolio. When I wake up, I make Ed my first concern. Check what he feels and give him a big hagud from head to toe. Then I rise and go to Ayen’s room to check how she is. After giving my morning hugs to both,I go to our small garden and stretch, thank the morning sun and greet the birds. Then I take my seat at the computer and open the world wide web. With these four steps I go writing, reading, watching video feeds and replying to mail. After an hour, I take breakfast with Ed and talk with him about the golden seeds. Then we go blogging together <>, <>.

The habit of sleeping together, waking up when ready, exercise, eating together, and webworking together is our family rule of five. Easy and doable in an hour or two. After this love work , the rest of the day can be devoted to other roles in life : paid work, study work, community work and gift work .This is the meaning of a portfolio life and is from Charles Handy. We keep reading his books The Elephant and the Flea, Myself and other more important matters. They clarify many things that help us think and write.

For the people who cannot make time for all five deeds, review your life and decide what are your priorities. For thinking is energy and you decide what you want to do with it. Ed and I have made our goals in the form of golden seeds. We stopped cutting down social ills or wielding magic weapons to strike at political monsters. The planting of golden seeds is by far a fulfilling goal and it begins with an appreciative inquiry of the deeds that others have started, of focusing efforts in a fertile garden and cooperating with a bigger community so that the deeds grow, expand and flourish.




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