Dead People Can Communicate

Dead people can communicate. isabel allende asked,” what is sure ? what is true? ‘ then replied “A story is sure and can be true.” so am sharing stories and its up to you to find what is sure and true.

Communicating beyond this life is a reality during filipino wakes, in cemeteries and today on halloween. This morning I saw a classmate Tony Perez in ANC talk as a resource person. I listened to him explain what happens to people who die. I decided I would blog about my experiences, too. I have many experiences in sensing the dead. Sometimes I hear them, sometimes I see them. Most of the time they talk to me in virtual reality- inside my head. I am a psychologist and when I reached fifty I started reviewing systematically the episodes where I encountered dead people communicating. The earliest I could remember was when I was six years old and my mother was rushed to the hospital late in the evening. The woman who came to keep me company was my grandmother but I did not know her then . All I could sense was that she was not alive since I never met her and she was floating in air. She told me to pray for my mother and when I finished praying, she faded. After that episode, I prayed a lot and she never appeared. That was fifty-one years ago but the incidents with the dead continued.


Last week I had been interviewing a migrant in Lucena as part of the research on migration. She is a Chinese-Filipino Muslim from Mindanao and I wanted her to share her journey. We will call her Ava. Ava told me many stories and one of them had to do with her sister who was murdered by her husband . I asked her how she found out who murdered her. Ava was watching over her sister’s body when her fone received a text. It was from an old sim card that she had thrown away and was surprised to see the message that her sister was murdered. Ava showed her fone to another sister and they thought the message was sent by an aunt. They called the aunt who denied sending any message. But the messages kept coming and so they asked the source what it wanted. The source replied and it was the sister who died! Ava and her sister were horrified. They could not believe that their dead sister would point to her husband as the murderer. She asked Ava to take care of her child. Ava then went to the husband and showed him the messages. He denied the charges and accused Ava of fomenting trouble while there was grief in the family. Since sms are not acceptable proofs in court, especially from the dead, Ava could not file charges in court. Up to this day, Ava is hoping her sister will get justice.


This story is not the only one I heard. A good friend of mine, another psychologist, wanted help in solving the twin murders in her husband’s family. She and I decided a process of discernment where I would meditate on what I can gather. I requested for prayers in the family’s name and to give my name as messenger. I decided that the less I knew , the better for me and also no face to face contact with the family. After a week of meditation and prayers, I sent an email message to my friend. I told her to validate what I gathered and the results sent shivers to her and her husband. It was the danger they knew all along and they wanted a face-to-face meeting. Since I discovered the danger, I cautioned them to take care of themselves and that I would see only one member of the murdered family. It was a long discussion on justice, on family closure and what the family can do. I was honest with the family – that I could only describe what I saw but that I could not solve the murders nor be a witness in court since I cannot prove being a real witness. The one true help I gave is my faith on divine justice, that there is a meta record of all the injustices and my belief in God’s court.

So if there is divine justice and if there is a meta record, how does one access it? First, we will have to learn to pray to God and the people who crossed beyond. That is difficult but powerful. People want justice in this life. In fact the origins of education in ancient Greece is the search for justice. So how do we weave human and divine education to get justice ? My answer – lifelong loving and communicating. There are several ways of loving and communicating. Today, you can recall all the good memories with those who crossed beyond and thank them. . You can also plant a tree in their honor. As you water and nurture, remember them with kindness. You can mine your talents for golden seeds – service to those who are sick, sad and isolated. There are many deeds you can do in their honor. Be prepared for their response. Think positive.
Happy All Souls Day.

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One Comment on “Dead People Can Communicate”

  1. Mila Maramot Says:

    Here’s my own little episode from when I was in grade school. Every year on All Souls Day, we always visited the grave of our grandparents in Naujan cemetery. One year, I did not feel like going and chose to stay home with my cousin. I remember it was hot and humid and I couldn’t sleep. Suddenly, I felt a cold sensation on my forehead, then on my cheeks. I was nowhere near any window or opening where draft could possibly have come from, and the night was unbearably hot. I concluded it must be my grandparents visiting and kissing me since I did not visit them. I still believe to this day it was the case.

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