my research work on migrants and lifelonglearners

I recommend the art of storylines and aphorisms as a sociological approach to migration and development. Guy Kawasaki’s advice on getting to your audience, is to set your marketing goals in terms of making meaning and making mantra. This applies to research and reaching out to local citizen leaders.

I chose to study why and how people move, migrate and make meaning in a changing world. The culture of migration has provided us with life themes and social plots. There are various meta and micro narratives of our people journeying from one place to another. Our migrating population vocabulary has blossomed into a hundred flowers from nomads, missionaries, exiles, overseas contract workers, emigrants, immigrants, mail order brides, refuges, political asylum seekers, expatriates, japayuki, transnationals, tsinoys, bombays, au pair, overseas domestic helpers, seafarers, global caregivers, japinoy,etc. The goals I have set for this storyline on our migrants are risque. I want to make mantras on citizenship and to add a dash of sikolohiyang pinay to the daily struggles of our citizens. I want to churn the energies that our migrating people generate and help produce a storyline that befits their aspirations and achievements.

I want to go beyond the story plots of economic gains and losses, of brain drains and brain gains. I want to retrace the cultural path they created, hoping to understand the range of spirituality to sexuality. In doing so, I hope the world becomes a place where we see our pilgrim sisters,brothers, friends, neighbors as global citizens, having the right to be, to live securely in the place they settle in, to work and learn as productive citizens in a multicultural community, and to be recognized as lifelong learners.

this is the reason why i have decided to go home to lucena and do research with the goal of advocating lucena as a learning city. most of my blogs from now on will have vignettes of migrants, domestic and global, and how they contribute to the lifelong learning culture.

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One Comment on “my research work on migrants and lifelonglearners”

  1. Mila Maramot Says:

    Your desire to understand how and why people move is commendable. My desire is rather simplistic. I dream of a world with no borders, where people are free to go anywhere with their families. The how and the why do not matter as long as the family is together.
    P.S. Discovered your blog reading your husband’s. I just retired and now have time to look up the movers and shakers from my hometown – Naujan. Met him once at Nelson’s but I don’t think he’d remember me. Anyway, your blog interests me. I’m neither a deep thinker nor a lifelonglearner (whatever that means) but I like your blog. It’s a good read. Covey’s 7 Habits and Levitt’s Freakonomics happen to be in my library too, so that helps.

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