how to live a great life

Of all the books in the universe, there is one book I recommend to all now, especially to those who want to live a fairly long and great life A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson UK 2003

Why ? Because of the following:

  1. That Europeans came from the founding population of seven women – the so-called daughters of Eve during the Palaeolithic Era ( Bryan Skyes, The Seven Daughters of Eve, Oxford 2002 ) whose names are Ursula, Xenia, Jasmine…. (Where did these seven women come from ? of course Asia).
  2. That our total number of forebears – parents of parents of parents – thirty generations ago is over one billion ( 1,073,741,824 to be precise) .
  3. We belong to one species since genetic findings say 99.9% of our genes are the same except 0.1 %called the SNIP – a single nucleotide polymorphism that makes a difference.

4 .We are not the center of our universe but that our DNA, if it were woven into a single strand, would stretch from the Earth to the Moon ( 20 million kilometers of DNA) and return again and again.

5 That we have enough bio-electrical energy in our cells, around 20 million volts per meter, which is equivalent to that of the charges that a thunderstorm carries. read David Bodanis’ Electric Universe ( blogged about this earlier).

6. That our human activities are leading to 600 extinctions per week, an underestimation of our capacity to destroy everything that took millions of years to grow and develop!

How? First proposition : We, __________state your name. We have the same seven female ancestors . Since we are related to all, we can transform political discourse into a family agenda and prioritize policies that will be for the good of all. We will gather leader-cousins and bring them to the Suhotan coves in Mindanao. The co-moderators will be the lumads who understand what it means to lose your children to the wars of aggression and plunder. The co-facilitators will be the migrant women and men who know what it means to be displaced by globalization and leave one’s birthplace and children to earn a living. Let us begin by having peace dialogues and ending all oppression. Power to truth and justice!

Second proposition : Since our DNA is 99.9% the same, let us secure the SNIP gene that produces unconditional love for peace and justice and propagate it to all. This SNIP may be the amazing gene in Dalai Lama generations. This SNIP can go into six billion genes and if we swap the debt for SNIP gene resources, then our success rate with the coming generations will be phenomenal. We will have more Martin Luther Kings, Mahatma Gandhis, Maria Montessoris, and Mother Theresas instead.

We will have a violence-free planet.Peace will reign in Gaza, Sudan,Congo ,Peru, Cuba and Basilan.We will stop all the extermination of billions of animals, plants and the scarce elements in our universe.We will free our eagles, tarsiers, turtles, sinarapan fishes, and myna birds from us. In turn,we will be saving ourselves from extinction!

Third proposition : let us use our individual 20 million volts of bio-electricity in our bodies to live a sustainable life. Less worries about gasoline prices rocketing to Mars. Less pollution. No more E-VAT since our breathing cannot be processed and packaged as a commodity. We can walk and bike to all the islands and mountains by using our chi energies. How this can be done, check out the practitioners of Indonesian Penkat silat, Kung fu,Tai chi,Yoga, Kalimasada Tetada,other Eastern disciplines and the Nordic forest walk . The free promotion via embracing energy cultivation will mark our generation’s legacy. We breath, we move, we heal. We breathe , therefore we are.

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