electricity,electric moods and bodytalk

this morning i thought i would sleep late and rest.   but my mood was electric. the book of david bodanis , Electric Universe,  must have charged the electricity in my minded brain. the construct of minded brain is from antonio damasio, a leading neuroscientist that i read from nassim taleb.   i read  taleb’s  findings on how emotions lead us .  going back to electricity, david bodanis writes like a spy thriller novelist. i recommend his book. i enjoyed the history of discovering electrons and electricity.  ed bought this book and read it for the electric coops.

bodanis  introduces who were the first to discover metal electricity. the story of alexander graham bell and mabel hubbard is a love story that is inspiring. alexander bell  invented the telephone in order to court mabel hubbard who was hard of hearing. their love story is fit for a movie and feminists will want  to learn about mabel. she was  a model for women’s rights during the victorian era. she overcame the obstacles that a woman with impaired auditory nerves are challenged. mabel became a partner to bell’s inventiveness. they had a happy and productive marriage . any woman in those times will learn from mabel and alexander bell how to combine marriage, family business and science. their love story can be their bouquet of inspiration.

what do electricity, electric moods and bodytalk  have in common? they all have electrons and the power to inspire our lives.

electricity  is everywhere, inside our bodies, inside all metals and in force fields. david  bodanis said that it took many centuries to prove it. some of the most imaginative scientists were michael faraday, heinrich hertz, watson watts and alan turing. when we buy our electrical items we see the words amperes, volts and watts but rarely do we see hertz or turing. that’s why we should read the stories on radio waves, radars, transistors, computers because of the all powerful electron. but what is important – these labels on technology and gadgets have a history of people who lived, imagined, loved, were betrayed and who persisted to harness the power of electrons. we are indebted to these people, especially alan turing who started the exploration of a thinking machine we now call a computer. there were also women scientists and writers. mary shelley who wrote frankestein and imagined electricity as the spark of life; ada countess of lovelace , the daughter of lord byron , worked on the early notions of computer programming during faraday’s times.

the electrons in our bodies are one of the most active elements in the universe. it is liquid electricity and the neurotransmitters that are called by many names –  endorphins, serotonin, dopamine,etc. an american woman discovered it, nancy ostrowski ,while analyzing squids ,what they were using for pain and studying mice that were making love . for you all, endorphins are the neurotransmitter of pleasure.

now what is body talk and its relation to electricity? i have a new blog on bodytalk. briefly, the brain organizes its work by prioritizing what the system needs. when we listen and follow its innate wisdom, the energy from our own body manifests in wellness. we are in the mood for life, love and work. that is called the life force, the spirit, the soul, and many more names.

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