happiness is the accumulation of good..buddha

today am very happy. life is good and i can work on my favorite mandala art. i have cut around fifty mandalas this week as expressions of my prayers for the full recovery of friends, dedicated to gilda cordero fernando ( healthy heart), buddy garbanzos( appendix free), osang bocar & carla paredes (dengue free ), itty gaerlan, massimo cortelleza, tita mely buenaventura & malou alcid (cancer-free), bella strebel ( for her to wake up from comatose) and a list that i keep updating when people request me for prayers. budhha said that happiness is the accumulation of good. let me add of good thoughts and prayers. people may be happy with accumulating wealth but studies in the West and East indicate that people do not become happier with more money. the idea of having enough is alien to many and people’s desires are limitless. ed told me that St. Thomas said that the infinity of human desires is a manifestation that an infinite God exists. ” so that God can decide what is enough” ? i asked. perhaps God tells us in many ways that our happiness lies in the womb of creation – when we create love and compassion.

speaking of love, i blog with ed whenever he is overseas. we discovered blogging as another source of long conversations, with an invitation for the public to join in . a friend told us to put links to each other’s blogsite but we have yet to learn how to do it. yes, we want to get more people blogging with us and sharing ideas. the more people reflect on their daily life, the more they can live better. an ” examined life” is one of the richer sources of learning.

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One Comment on “happiness is the accumulation of good..buddha”

  1. edicio Says:

    Hi Girlie, I managed to put a link from my blog to yours. Will help you do the same, from yours to mine. It’s a new experience, pursuing our “long conversation” also through our blogs.

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