a woman’s resume

yesterday i was reviewing my bio data. i realized i have only stated the paid work and some community work i did for the women’s movements. so i reviewed my work in three decades 1970 to 2007 and came up with a portfolio for women and a bigger file. this is exciting, i told myself, i will learn and re-invent myself and see if i can follow the life of elizabeth handy, charles handy’s partner and manager (our favorite management guru). elizabeth and handy have decided they would organise their lifework into four areas : paid work ( getting fees or salaries), study work (acquiring new skills and knowledge ), gift work ( community/public service) and homework, caring for loved ones and the home. each would take turns earning and would assist each other to pursue self-improvement. elizabeth is a portrait artist and manager of charles. charles is the business management analyst one third of the year, then he becomes elizabeth’s assistant several months of the year . charles says most business schools teach business analysis and let the students learn management in life.

ed and i have a similar arrangement, except that i have been doing pro bono work for five years while ed does a lot of paid work as ” knowledge manager-educator”. let me get to the lesson of a portfolio life. charles handy discussed this portfolio life concept in the Future of Work in the late 70’s and he coined the term “house husband”, suggesting that it would catch on and men can be good at it. the world does change slowly but now there are many house husbands and they are enjoying it. note there are many married women working overseas sending remittances to their husbands. the concept of a portfolio is part of the various lives we have in this world. we are not only wage workers, eg. cooks or dressmakers. we are also mothers, church coordinators, school events coordinators, community health workers, citizens, artists and i can think of a hundred things that women do from plumbing, electronics repair to blogging lessons to digital friends. all women work even if they do not get the usual wage or renumeration.

making a portfolio for women of my age ( am 57 summers). the younger women can create their own specific portfolios. each decade, according to howard gardner of multiple intelligences, is enough time to become an expert if one has both developed a theory and a method. they can produce the evidence with the help of regular assessment of lessons. i believe one’s expertise becomes a discipline worthy of the recognition that universities bestow on their faculty. i have been a teacher in the formal setting, eg. ateneo, miriam & enverga universities, from 1970 to 1984. then i went to do community work, research and training women to use their potential, claim their rights and exercise leadership. three decades work (1974 -2007) i offer as evidence and in the form of many delegations, organizations, groups, institutes, schools and families ( the most organic organization), with women and girls plus some men and gay men whom i helped know who they are and what empowering roles they play in this life. i worked across borders and generations, wearing multicultural shoes.

now what will i cite as agenda for the study work if most of my paidwork, giftwork and homework are with women and feminists ? the sciences have always beckoned to me but i got as far as social psychology. i told ed that if he earns more money as a short-term overseas portfolio worker, i want to be a neuroscientist. i want to see how the mind works and how social relationship can benefit from understanding the paradox of our mind . this will be a future greater than my past. hoping for a new entry in my resume, i have started writing my experiences with crossing, here and beyond , experiences that lead me to think of an afterlife more. of course i believe in God and i practice my Christian beliefs with some influence from Buddhist philosophies. but why do i want to be a neuroscientist ?

last week while i was listening to sandra torrijos what she needs to do for her mother’s funeral rites, i thought how good it would be to create loving rites with families in grief. i know that there are various ways of preparing for death, dealing with grief, mourning and closure. some were handed down to us by our ancestors but we can develop them in our creative life. but the more i reflect on grief, love and closure, the more i want to take both the hands of science and art in organizing our minds when death comes.

is preparation for death the topic for a woman’s resume ? yes and very much part of lifelong learning since death is the only certainty we have. we may not know when our time will come but we know it will surely come. so i want to weave my life not around death but wear a garland as a certain attitude that death is a glorious way for saying it is all worth it! the it is LOVE and not death. yes, one’s resume should be on all the love, love for and from people, love of work, love for service, love of learning, love for writing, love for blogging. lots of it. ed and i make each loving moment grow till it becomes part of the people who love us too. Amen.

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