becoming knowledge co-makers

remember when we use to say that babies take a long time to make and grow? now that ed and i are into our golden years, we have pledged to make our future bigger than our past (dan sullivan). that means we may not make babies anymore but we can be knowledge-makers and that with the stronger drive for learning will spur us to a greater future. right now, ed is in mumbai finishing his consultancy on adult education while am blogging my way to a conversation with my digital community ( i often wonder who reads my blogs frequently, hello there, thank your for the effort). i do plan what to blog and in consideration to people who want to learn, i gather some golden seeds (freud) so that someday, these may blossom in one’s mind.

how does one become a knowledge maker? does it mean gathering a pile of degrees from universities ? or becoming a seed gatherer, looking at the flora of ideas and picking those that are ripe for replanting ? i am for the latter and the first seed,learning to learn. each day that my mind is able to work consciously, i choose to imagine how the world could be better. the idea is to start living in a better world ( that is the golden seed) where you can open your door to anyone and not be afraid.

the next idea is to have a learning conversation with anyone who comes near your door. have you ever heard of conversations as a delightful way of learning ? the web ERIC (education resources) cites informal learning via conversations as an effective practice among community educators. so each day, find five persons to talk with and encourage them to try your each other’s ideas on how to live a good life. ed told me that in community organizing, it is a rule to meet at least five new people daily. in a week, you would be able to talk to 35 people, in a month, around 150 people and so on. within three months, you would know 450 people to plant a bigger garden for learning. there’s a good chance that the project you imagine will be claimed by many and will grow as a collective endeavor. that is what becoming knowledge co-makers is all about.

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