Knowing things that you think you didnt know

charles handy, our favorite BBC guy, said that finding out that you know what you think you didnt know is not trivial. i agree with him because this week, there were so many things i wanted to learn about, thinking i do not know many things.

first, i dont know how a city can grow in three hundred years since i am only half century old. whenever i go home to lucena, i visit the street where i grew up – zamora street. i see a few familiar houses but there is so much change that i feel i do not belong to the neighborhood anymore. when caloy, my brother told me about the longest street – quezon avenue,i invited him and maxine, his daughter to take a ride and see how long it is. what a pleasant surprise when we started from cotta, one of the oldest ports in quezon province and where a lot of boats used to unload fishes and products from masbate, romblom and other southern tagalog islands. caloy told me that many migrants enter lucena from cotta and dalahican ports but the building where we were standing used to be the garrison used by both spaniards, american and japanese authorities. after talking with the men at the port, i realized that i did not get any local history instruction when i was at the university. caloy told me that we could go as far as tayabas but i wanted to learn more about the life and the people along quezon street ( since i remember my classmates in maryknoll grade school and luzonian high came from cotta). as we reached the train station, i suddenly got nostalgic because our family used the trains to travel to naga during vacation and to manila for special visits. caloy showed me the retired trains with hondagua signs and the former station building that has occupants. he said that hondagua in the early 1930s was a popular destination but i dont even know where it is. all i can see is the rust and the derelict station and rails. i told caloy that in europe, the trains are super slick and the terminals are fabulous, like the rome termini or the paris du nord. i felt sad that we do not have the mass transportation that our people travel when they go overseas. i think that our migrants in europe are lucky because they get to ride the Eurostar and the london-paris express. oh i have so many good memories traveling on trains across europe. ayen used to sleep on train tables when ed and i commuted in the netherlands in the early 90s.

going back to finding out what i dont know but somehow i know – i went to visit sandra torrijos and pray with her since her mother died. we had a long talk on how we care for our mothers when they get ill and what we can do when a parent dies, or cross over to another state. sandra did everything she could to take care for her mother who was diagnosed with leukemia last year. when the final end came, sandra was wondering if her best efforts to ease the pain her mother had was enough for a peaceful crossing. i told her love never fails in helping a person to cross over peacefully. as she described all the things she did for her mother, a slight electric wave went up my spine and somehow i felt a pleasant message. only when i was introduced to sandra’s aunt beth did i learn more about sandra’s mother whose name is sol. then i knew that tita beth knew that all is well. sol torrijos is well on her way to a lovely celestial journey. it is like taking the luxury car of Eurostar and having friends and family accompany you. it is like dining in the best restaurants while the train passes through panoramic valleys. it is like being served the appetizers that wet your appetite. oh, crossing over is simply delightful. if you ask me how i know, then please pray for the safe and joyful arrival of people you know who have just crossed over… then you may know what you think you didnt know… a paradox…

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