fear of the unknown

the more i read the thinker nassim taleb and the theory of black swans, the less i fear the unknown. interesting ideas crop up as you read taleb the essayist. i like his way of explaining abstract ideas with stories of traders who get rich, very rich and then lose their millions in one sweep. i also like the way he writes his chapters on chance and uncertainties and all the citations that he generously share in developing his ideas. taleb grows on me and i hope he is not anti-feminist. though most of the people he cites are male, i may find him a female black swan. when i do, then the unknown is a welcome path for me to navigate.

also today i gave two lectures on learning for the graduate classes of dr. cesar a. villariba, my eminent father who has been teaching for more than 60 years in enverga university in lucena. i chose to talk on lifelong learning and the search for happiness in the morning. in the afternoon, it was tony buzan and mindmapping with some memory exercises on recall and how reviewing material in an hour after delivering it helps people to recall abstract ideas.

i chunked the lessons in a way that my father could tell stories between ideas ( using the 20 minutes input ,then 5 minute breaks, then review after an hour ) and allow the learners to join the storytelling. as i went through the lessons on lifelong learning, i saw that the people were always smiling and nodding. i told myself – i must be lucky and i asked them what they feel. of the nine students who were present, only two said they were not happy. good to know one has a happy audience because i want to deliver my lecture to a happy class. my father was so good with stories to illustrate the notions of happiness and satisfaction , or satificing ( herbert simon on satisfaction and suffice) that we ended the class laughing and energized. how i wish graduate classes could be taught by father and daughter telling stories and making everyone laugh. that is for me a sufficing learning experience. herbert simon defined satisficing as melding “satisfy and suffice” together and it allows us to stop when getting a near-satisfaction solution . this is relevant when we want to optimize every step in life because the alternative to satisficing is to exert an infinite amount of time and energy and that means eternity. in facing the unknown, go for the satisficing path, then you will conquer the fear of the unknown.

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