protecting oneself from harm

yesterday, my brother had his car window smashed and his laptap almost stolen had we not sense something was wrong outside where the car was parked. the car alarm did not work and we just barely heard a thud. it was a balmy afternoon that turned into a chase and call for help. the incident is almost hilarious because the thief was carrying a fuschia umbrella and was walking casually on our street. then we heard something to get us going out of the gate. phey saw him walking away with the laptap and he shouted. the thief dropped the laptap, umbrella and left his slippers to run. a tricycle driver offered to help and phey went with him to catch the thief while i called for help. as they were entering the main road, kalayaan, my brother sensed that the thief who was nowhere in sight might have sought cover in the slumdwellers place near the market. he had to think twice about entering the area since he wasnt sure if he would be harmed. he saw a police station in the vicinity but the police said to report the incident to the barangay since they saw nothing. well to make the story short, the barangay captain came to investigate and he produced a picture which phey confirmed was the thief. it seems the guy was a snatcher and has already been caught. “so why is he free to roam around smashing car windows?”we asked. the people who gathered around us (we were attracting a small group of men who were trying to be part of the storytelling) said that our neighborhood is a hotspot. the barangay captain asked for the thief’s umbrella and slippers as evidence but in the commotion, some one got the slippers while i gave the umbrella to the captain. lesson, pay attention to the car and don’t park with any valuables inside. but for my state of mind, it’s better that we just got one window bashed and no bodily harm.

so how do we protect ourselves from harm? cell fones, laptaps, even wallets and bags are worth stealing- if you need them to work, carry these things without attracting attention. how? inside pockets for money and fones, usb for digital files & rent or pack your laptap in canvass bags that look inexpensive ( like those green grocery bags). but best of all, be in a gamma synchrony state of mind. that is the highest frequency of the brain, relaxed but alert. you get this by constant meditation. the university of madison tested the monks from tibet and found their brainwaves high on gamma synchrony. there are now many experiments in neuroscience and scientists are studying brain wavelengths with the latest technology. one hypothesis is that imagination and memory are found in the same brain area, and that we should imagine as often as we can to keep our memory robust. now that is a good exercise for those who forget often like me. but what i want is to imagine myself free from harm and my brain waves protecting me from any negative thoughts, from within and from others. i wish we could sense when someone is thinking of harm and already neutralize them with our thoughtfulness or mindfulness (as the budhhists call it). my teacher in tetada kalimasada, mars robosa, is about to teach us the shield energies , where we can be sensitive to certain stimulus and protect us from harm. am looking forward to these lessons. salaam tetada kalimasada.

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