healing work that women do

last night shinette, a psychologist and life mentor, told me that we should share the inner energies we learned to generate in tetada kalimasada with new friends. i agreed and said let’s have a series of healing sessions that allow people to listen to their bodies. i remembered the conversations i had with dom-an manegdeg and bong dela torre ( not a relative of ed) about healing circles and energies. the two young friends came to visit me in the afternoon and they shared the healing work they do. both play the nose flute and want to expand their healing work so that peace can grow across communities.

what really heals people? how does it start? people i know who had cancer realized that their cancer was a wake up call- a call to attend to their own health needs and get help from a community willing to work with them for as long as it took to get healed. not many people get to examine their lives when they are healthy. most of us who feel well do not solicit aid from wellness communities. it is when pain becomes a daily visitor that we become conscious something is in dire need of full attention.

one of the communities that impressed me with its energy is the breast cancer association. last year, luz martinez and i went to fundraise for a friend, itty gaerlan,who has ovarian cancer. luz and i went around asking people to provide us tips on fundraising and susanna george referred us to her women doctors who are part of the breast cancer network. they gave us enough information to organize a cancer q&a forum. the forum generated many queries but the answer to the question why we are the country with the highest breast cancer incidence in Asia was still fuzzy. having found out the causes of cancer, from heredity to diet and lifestyle, we still dont know how much of our poverty and level of human development can explain the cancer epidemic. taleb, a lebanese thinker-trader warned us of being fooled by randonmess, that we should know all the information before concluding what causes what. i have a hypothesis that our health is more than a personal concern and that there is really a social cancer – all the things we do, we drink and we eat – come from the commons. what we do with our soil – we eat. what we do with the air – we breath. so if people do not examine what we do in this life (what socrates call the unexamined life), then appointments with death becomes a daily event. i counted the people who are dear to me who had cancer and i got 25 (most of whom are dead now).

healing and wellness should be our priority now. we start with who we are, what we think, what we do. then we go and help people who need to get well, reflect with them and widen the learning into all the aspects of living. by being with people who are ill, we learn to be compassionate. by being part of a compassionate circle, we heal ourselves and those around us.

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