Love Energy


Time is a concept like mathematics is a way of making meaning. this morning, Ed had to prepare for his work after a six-day korean conference in lifelong learning.he had to do so many things in an hour and get to the UK visa center in Makati before 11.45 am. i counted the multiple tasks he needed to complete and the distance ( 3 cities) he had to travel. after attending to bodily needs, he had to go online for all the webwork, then communicate to a staff for documents and then hail a taxi to weave through traffic. i thought, here goes my super husband, cramming a day’s work in an hour. i usually would say something to overcome stress but i kept quiet. i love him and so will give him energy.

I couldnt prepare his documents – Ed usually does not ask for advance help and so all i could do was meditate. I always look at Ed’s work to be completed in God’s time. as i wait for ed to ask for assistance I made mandalas. i do my praying for energy by cutting paper mandalas and hope that the sacred spaces i produce will flow into adenosine triphosphate channels. then the call for help came – the old passports he needed to bring,the bank receipt he forgot, the address of the visa centre. i had to breathe fast and pray for energy in a hormonal form. he was in another village and i had to visualize his taxi passing by and wheezing him in to my space. then i had to send him onward like a sms to the UK visa centre.

There are energies that we can rely on in a crunch. atheletes call it second wind but doctors call it adenosine triphosphate.the hormone energy that allows us to do what we do.i prayed that all the hormones in Ed’s body flow in synch with those who need to get his job done, from the taxi driver to the people waiting for UK visa applications

FYI .Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is considered by biologists to be the energy currency of life. It is the high-energy molecule that stores the energy we need to do just about everything we do. It is present in the cytoplasm and nucleoplasm of every cell, and essentially all the physiological mechanisms that require energy for operation obtain it directly from the stored ATP.As food in the cells is gradually oxidized, the released energy is used to re-form the ATP so that the cell always maintains a supply of this essential molecule. ATP is remarkable for its ability to enter into many coupled reactions, both those to food to extract energy and with the reactions in other physiological processes to provide energy to them. In animal systems, the ATP is synthesized in the tiny energy factories called mitochondria.


Living things can use ATP like a battery. The ATP can power needed reactions by losing one of its phosphorous groups to form ADP, but you can use food energy in the mitochondria to convert the ADP back to ATP so that the energy is again available to do needed work. In plants, sunlight energy can be used to convert the less active compound back to the highly energetic form. For animals, you use the energy from your high energy storage molecules to do what you need to do to keep yourself alive, and then you “recharge” them to put them back in the high energy state.

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