Writing love stories

this week i suffered from the writer’s ache , no not the block that prevents one from imagining and writing . it’s my hand and my carpal nerve aching, with every key press, my fingers send electric signals to my elbow up to my shoulders. the message is STOP! so i wear a hand brace that keeps my hand steady. now a steady hand is good if you are not doing anything except hold a spoon. but if you have to think fast and type fast, then the trouble begins.

gender studies point out that women have better hand dexterity and can do microwork well that is why women welders are in demand in shipbuilding sites. but since shipbuilding and construction recruiters look for young and beautiful women, very few women get to train for shipwelding. women find their creativity in making microwork, sewing, jewelry making, embroidery,silicon chips manufacturing,cell fone construction – all the meticulous work that have them sit and execute repetitive hand movements the whole day.

i wonder if our menfolks know that we have energy skills not only in our hands but also in our minds. but this is not the idea in this blog.

the writing i want is to explore love stories. i often read blogs especially those of young women and men. they frequently tell stories of love, career, self-image and sex. i am fascinated with how both young and adult lovers see themselves in love relationships. when i requested a classmate to write about his love stories, he said “shhhh, many will get angry”. i laughed! he was more afraid than proud of his love legacy. then he turned the request on me , “you first, tell me your love story.”

so in the next blogs, i will try to write a love story with the passion of anais nin. she said that we see the world not for what it is but for who we are and that the only abnormality is the incapacity to love.

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