Mandala and Soul Gifts

SOULs and SAINTs holidays have been part of our culture since the we could remember. This week everyone is going home to honor and pray for loved ones who crossed over. Am rewriting a brief blog on soul rites since I started making mandalas in 2000.

I remember our special tribute to Thor, our Danish friend who died in Greece while on vacation. I made a flower mandala in the garden of the Education for Life,Quezon City. Since then,Ii have made many mandalas and the most recent are for Boy Morales and Veekee Penano which i hang in our garden.

A mandala, as I studied ancient words, is a term for an ancient Malay space for meeting people, for organizing a network or community in the pre-colonial Philippine communities. In Tibet, monks make a sand mandala with four poles (north,south,east west) and they meditate as they stand on each pole.

In my  soul rites practice,Ii found the mandala as a sacred portal to connect with people across the seas and beyond. It gave me access, clarity and serenity to receive messages from beyond.

I feel the mandala is relevant now as it was in the ancient past. The mandala tribute we gave Thor started with singing Children of the Earth ( Klaus Frederiksen’s composition) and entering the mandala circle. Each one of us in the circle shared stories of Thor, how we met him, what we felt in his company,what we learned from him and why we love him. Then we gave him our send-off gifts – fragrant herbs, sea stones, origami cranes and lighted candles for his journey. All these gifts were placed in an urn with Thor’s photo smiling and we sang a lovesong Walang Hanggang Paalam (Never Ending Goodbye). As the smoke rose to the starry night,we prayed and let the candles burn the whole night.

I belong to the community of Filipinos who believe in a life beyond. Since 2000, I have assisted friends and relatives receive “bilins” or messages from their loved ones beyond this life. I sought mentors to enhance my gift of sensing and interpret with clarity the messages.

There are indigenous communities who believe that earthfolks and skyfolks exchange gifts. Please read The Soul Book of Zialcita, Demetrio and Cordero-Fernando (GCF 1991) and you will learn how the precolonial Filipinos perceived souls. The Ilocanos have two souls, the Tagbanuas have six souls and the Bukidnon lumads have seven! The Bagobos also believed that animals have souls,too.

There is a value in the belief of having souls . This belief can enhance a compassion and spiritual modality to help people care for loved ones  in pain or   assist them to cross beyond to the afterlife. When the grieving is at its most painful state, soul conversations is  a gift of loving and healing.

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