Oratio Imperata

the rains came continuously after a prayer call in Latin was issued by Archbishop Rosales last week. it sounded urgent to God because we got rain, lightning and thunder for almost a week. if i were given the attention that God gave to the pluviam plea or prayer for rain,

i will ask for three things : Oratio Imperata Petendam Humus, Ventus and Pluviam

which will be a Godly Osculum. according to my Latin mentor, edicio, that is a plea for soil,wind and rain. i want a grand kiss from God. and if God grants it, it will be great since we have to worry no more about floods, tsunamis and tornados . we can savour every moment that God blesses our land,water and air. we can sing “a kiss is a kiss. a sigh is a sigh. as time goes by,” we can be blest….”

no more garbage, no more toxins, no more pollution.

but do we deserve such a kiss?

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