marking time and energy

i am fascinated with time and energy. everyday i mark time and expand my mind with a quasar. a quasar is a powerful galaxy and marks the beginning of our universes. it is eternity, it is the ancient cosmic story having reached the earth by travelling in billions of lightyears with an energy matching the energy of 100 normal galaxies! that means that the origins of the universe is being broadcast by radio waves, spanning long cosmic periods.

now what does a quasar mean for us here on earth? are we the only species that can mark time and the energy of quasars? i have faith and love for GAIA. if science is already proving that our galaxy is one of billions of galaxies, then i think we are not alone. i am not an avid follower of alien sightings nor am i competent to write about space and astrology.what i focus on are the evolutionary insights and the compassionate psychology that goes with having a deep appreciation and firm discipline for respecting life. there are many debates and raging up to now among believers and nonbelievers. if we cull all the evidences for a belief in a Divine Force, i will cite quasars as one basis for my faith in a Divine Law, marking time and the energy that came for us to discover it.

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