multiplying scientists and knowledge workers

today, i read that the Philippines has only 155 scientists and engineers per a million citizens. the Unesco standard is 380, which means that we are short of 225 knowledge workers. how appalling when i thought that Filipinos have so many scientists and engineers!

to make myself feel better, i made an inventory of our clan educational profiles. i have 12 blood siblings and 11 siblings by marriage. there are 75 household members in my clan .we have 7 educators, 7 entreprenuers, a doctor, 2 nurses, 4 engineers, a lawyer, a government auditor, 6 artists, 2 chemists, a mathematician, a communications officer, a hospital administrator ,4 management/finance and 39 students in the three levels. pretty impressive for a middle class clan.

but if we look at the education completion of our learners and the employability of our graduates, it is dismal, noting that we have close to a million unemployed graduates annually. so what can we do to address this crisis?

i will start with my 75 member- clan. i can gather them online and brainstorm how we can generate enthusiasm in creating venues for graduates to become knowledge workers. Pinoys call work as earning a living, hanapbuhay and the focus will be LIVING, not just making money to afford the cost of being a citizen.

having brought the idea to the clan that what matters is to help others make a living by becoming knowledge workers, let me bring use the platform of lifelong, lifewide learning. we will package our ideas into useful items – that an idea is a tool to earning a living. making meaning, makes money.knowledge matters when you use it to serve others.

for today, let me use the idea of the rule of five, from Jack Clancey’s tip on successful marketing.

we will choose five ideas each day, talk to five persons who can act on all the ideas and produce five tools for earning a living. i will guide you with a blog until we have embedded the rule of 5 into our habit of daily routine.

here are my five idea tools : 1st, scan the Pinoy food web ;2nd choose what is a nutritious vegetable that grows in a week ; 3rd, get a container and plant (seed,stem) ;4th visualize its growth and send your energy to the plant; 5th, pray and give thanks. Mark the date and put your plant in the garden that has morning sun. with this plant, visualize a gardener in your heart and whisper, this plant is the answer to my first request for a good job. food webs are a good starting point for earning a life. learn more from the study of food webs by agriculturists and nutrition specialists. that will help you use your food to cook up an idea for self-employment. trust your gut.

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