same web,different blogs

edicio, my husband, has  started his wordpress blog. i decided to have a blog on the wordpress even if i have already two blogs in other sites .

the chinese say, “same bed, different dreams.” here, i  have a different take on ways of the mind and heart. women’s brains are not as different from men’s brains but our experiences of the world vary. we grow people within our wombs and that makes a difference in our genetic core.

i am an advocate of babaylanship . a babaylan is a person who leads her community in sustaining spirituality and life-affirming rituals. people expect the babaylan to be a woman who provides social succour but any man can aspire to be one if he has the social and spiritual intelligences. Dr. Zeus Salazar of the University of Philippines, an anthropologist, traces the origins of babaylanship in the 16th century, before the Spanish conquest. From his lifelong studies, Dr. Zeus Salazar has found how valuable the role of babaylans have been in the development of indigenous communities, and their legacy as proto-scientists in conserving the natural and human resources of indigenous Pilipinos.

In the next blogs, I will share the practices and lessons of babaylans, here and overseas.I invite my friends and perpetual pilgrims to share their spiritual insights and quests.

Salaam. Ginhawa. Pagmamahal.

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2 Comments on “same web,different blogs”

  1. edicio Says:

    Hi Girlie. Welcome to wordpress. Look forward to reading your tips on practical creativity. Thanks for using our picture for your header. Brings back good memories.

  2. bilur Says:

    hi girlie,
    hope my mail reaches to your blog since it is banned in here.
    babaylanship is everywhere for the eyes who is not afraid of facing the reality.

    point is “to dare to disturb the universe” with no pakikisama..

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