Start a miracle morning daily

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Aida Santos, An Inspiration

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This is Aida Santos whom I find inspiring because she has the gift of Grit, Poetry and Courage. For the youth who wants to learn from a living heroine, read her poetry and stories .
Aida  is a feminist and has been a pioneer in the women’s movements. She has four decades in development work and has mentored many people to walk their talk. Her courage in the face of torture and painful experiences during the dictatorship era ,1970s to 1980s, has strengthen her  nationalistic moorings. I raise a toast to this woman who has inspired me to sustain our work towards a better nation where women are recognized as equals.

Fed up with Imperial Manila? Go Fed

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 Fed up with Imperial Manila? Go fed and change the power dynamics…

Many Filipino  politicians are scampering to join the federal bandwagon, or shall we call it the Fed Xpress train? From the Liberal party to the Nacionalista party members, we hear the buzz words” Change is coming!”

I am a citizen . I  do want change for the better. But I wont rush  into charter change simply because the  old constitution does not serve the needs of the current citizenry.

What is this federal system that PDP and Pres. Digong are advocating  as part of the change we need?

Jose P. Rizal was the first to suggest federalism in the struggle against Spanish colonial reign. It was not clear why the Katipuneros did not elaborate it but Aguinaldo was known to support it. The Americans opposed it and  during  its colonial rule, the US established the presidential form of government.

There are three nations from where we can gain insights on how  government systems evolved: United Kingdom, France and Germany.


The UK has a devolved system of government, but this is categorically not a system of federal government such as in the United States  or Australia , partly because less than a fifth of the citizens of the UK are covered the three bodies in question and partly because the three bodies themselves have different powers from one another namely : The Scottish  Parliament, The Welsh Assembly and The Northern Ireland Assembly. Furthermore,the British judicial branch is extremely complex. Unlike most countries which operate a single system of law, the UK operates three separate legal systems: one for England and Wales, one for Scotland, and one for Northern Ireland. Although bound by similar principles, these systems differ in form and the manner of operation.

France has been the laboratory of political experiments of federalism . It formed twelve (12) governments and had thirteen (13) constitutions.Since the French Revolution in 1789, France has had five different republican systems. All of them have been the results of violent crises. The fifth and current one was an outcome of the Algerian crisis in the 1950’s. It withstood several assassinations attempts and rebellions, proving to be one the longest lasting and most stable political systems France has seen so far. Quoted from Håkon Tranvåg.

What about Germany? Germany has a system of proportional representation for the election of its lower house, no one party wins an absolute majority of the seats and all German governments are therefore coalitions. Following the last Federal election in 2013, it took almost three months to form a new government. Unusually this is a coalition of the two major parties, the Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats – what the Germans call “Gross Koalition” or simply “GoKo”. The head of the government is the Chancellor (equivalent to the British Prime Minister). The current Chancellor is Angela Merkel of the CDU.

There are more lessons from these three nations but let me wind up at this conjuncture to study the cultural issues in the devolution of power .

Gender agenda for 2016

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All the women representing 14 basic sectors convened on March 9-11 in QC to discuss and unite with the women’s platform for this election year. We agreed to get Leni Robredo as our Vice President.

desiderata 2015

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Tunganga as a meditation

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Today, I welcomed the gifts of this life . Enjoying 64 suns, moons, stars  makes me grateful.  I received many blessings  without asking for it. How ? In Pinoy culture,I practice  tunganga.  This state of bodymind is simply breathing and cleaning one’s horizon of any issues .

How ? Focus on relaxing. Look at a beautiful bouquet.20150319_092823



Then go inward and explore your inner self, where the adventure begins.20150319_092851


How to stay loving for a hundred years

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Everybody has 24 hours. What you do with each hour is your choice. Devote first 10 minutes when you wake up to gratitude rites : give thanks to the Spirit that wakes up yoturkish tree of lifeur conscious mind. Roll all over the bed and gently snuggle up to your partner. Then flex your muscles, raise your knees and bend up to your chest. Look at your feet, wiggle all your toes up to the fingers. Rise slowly from the bed and take a pee, then drink slowly one glass of water. This will let energies flow. Devote the first hour of the morning enjoying plants,  smell the leaves and their  healing scents and colors. Move around a garden, water the plants and listen to birds sing. Then take your place in the kitchen and make breakfast. Give thanks to the food y20141221_180018ou have and smell the aroma of morning tea ,coffee, chocolate or drink you prefer. Invite your family to share the meal and start the first conversation of the day. Tell the good news and a brief hug after the breakfast. Start your day of work with a smile and an attitude that everything that can be done in an hour will be finished well. If you commute to work, simply focus on being good : good thoughts, good words, good deeds. Dont get caught up with stress, create, be productive : small things like walking to your office with a smile at workmates,cleaning the clutter on your desk and putting a vase with aromatic herbs will lighten up the space. Call up or text friends and greet them Happy New Year . Hug your loved ones if they are around or send those loving stickers via social media. Set a lunch date with a friend who needs you. Then open up the afternoon for something joyful. Be present, the day is still in progress.You will be surprised that the universe has something good for you. Welcome the sunset. Be at peace. The home you love will stay safe and secure. Call up loved ones and ask what dinner they wish for the evening. Give thanks when they join you.Share the day’s good thoughts and deeds. Raise your head to the stars and sense trillions of galaxies. Be thankful you are on earth and gifted with 24 hours each day. Go sleep and wish for another 24 hours. Dream on. The galaxies are constantly giving birth to stars.

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